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  • garage door trends

    Garage Door Trends

    Have you ever given much thought to how a garage door can impact curb appeal?  Living in the city, most garages (if you are lucky to have one) are located in the alley and serve no purpose other than securing this extension of the home or building. Now that we are moving to the burbs, […] Read more…

  • national scooter day

    National Scooter Day Twitter Party May 19th

    I’m thrilled to announce that Micro Kickboard is hosting the FIRST annual #ScooterDay May 19th? The girls love scooting around the city on our Micro Maxi Kickboards  so much that I even own the Micro White designed specifically for adults. Not only is it fun, it’s good exercise. To recognize the first annual National Scooter Day, Micro Kickboard is inviting scooter-enthusiasts across the […] Read more…


  • real housewives style inspiration

    Real Housewives Style Inspiration

    I’m Sarah from The Kissing Booth Blog and I’m taking over So Chic Life today for a little Fashion Friday specifically to talk style for Real Housewives. You can see my last post here talking about the best spring skirts. I have always been a fan of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo, I’m not sure why but it is […] Read more…

  • spring skirts fashion friday

    Spring Skirts

    I’m Sarah from The Kissing Booth Blog and I’m taking over So Chic Life today for a little Fashion Friday specifically to talk about my favorite spring skirts. You can see my last post here talking about what to wear Easter Sunday. With warm weather starting to take over the Midwest, I’m currently loving that skirts are becoming more popular. […] Read more…


  • how to cook fennel

    Roasted Fennel with Parmesan

    Have you ever tried fennel? It’s a unique white bulb vegetable that has mild licorice flavor. Don’t let that deter you as fennel takes on an entirely different taste when roasted. Usually associated with Italian cuisine and restaurants frequently include in salads, fennel was not something I ever tried preparing at home. That was until […] Read more…

  • weekly meal plan

    Weekly Meal Plan + Announcement

    Hey friends! JoLynne and I made an executive decision to stop hosting our weekly Real Food Recipe Roundup. It’s a bummer but we couldn’t seem to get the linky going like we had hoped. JoLynne is continuing her weekly meal plan which I highly recommend you continue using as a reference. In fact her website has so much information […] Read more…