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  • front door trends simpson door company

    Front Door Trends

    You’d be surprised how much impact the front door has on your home. I am truly in love with our Simpson Door. Everyday I walk up the front steps to our porch and this beautiful entrance greets me. If you are in the market for a new door be sure to read my Front Door Inspiration post […] Read more…

  • Google Express Delivery

    Google Express Giveaway

    Woo hoo we’ve officially returned back to school this week and I secretly had a party – by myself of course. If you’re as busy as I am there is nothing better than having a convenient delivery service at your finger tips. I’m not talking just food either. Wouldn’t you love someone to bring you things […] Read more…


  • 70's inspired jeans for fall 2015

    70’s Inspired Fashion

    I’m Sarah from The Kissing Booth Blog taking over today to talk about 70’s inspired fashion! The 70’s trend is back and leading so many fall collections from wide leg jeans, floral prints, fringe, big sunglasses and even platform shoes. All of these put together would make for a very retro look so adding elements of the […] Read more…

  • skinny jeans target

    Denim Truth & Dare

    This post is sponsored by Target. Hey friends! I’m back with another style challenge from Target. This time we’re talking denim truth or dare. As I mentioned finding the perfect pair of jeans is not always easy and I tend to purchase very similar styles no matter the brand. Skinny jeans are my jam, primarily […] Read more…


  • bacon tomato quiche 21 day sugar detox

    Healthy Bacon and Tomato Quiche

    Who doesn’t love a good quiche even better if it’s gluten-free! I whipped up this healthy bacon and tomato quiche with spinach inspired by the 21 Day Sugar Detox cookbook. Not only was it extremely easy, it was delicious and made enough for breakfast several days. The full recipe is provided as it appears in the cookbook, however I […] Read more…

  • how to cook fennel

    Roasted Fennel with Parmesan

    Have you ever tried fennel? It’s a unique white bulb vegetable that has mild licorice flavor. Don’t let that deter you as fennel takes on an entirely different taste when roasted. Usually associated with Italian cuisine and restaurants frequently include in salads, fennel was not something I ever tried preparing at home. That was until […] Read more…