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  • beach safety

    9 Tips for Staying Safe at the Beach

    Yesterday we took the kids to the beach and the flags were flying at yellow (medium hazzard). The photo below captures just how rough the current was, making me more nervous than usual. As much as I love the beach and creating memories with the girls, it’s not always the most relaxing environment. Normally I worry about my […] Read more…

  • Revlon #Loveison

    Revlon #LoveIsOn Pop-Up Shop at Taste of Chicago

    Hope you are enjoying your summer! If you’re in Chicago this week, be sure to add the Taste of Chicago to your to-do list. You’ll also want to join me and ChicagonistaLive at the Revlon Pop-Up Shop! Revlon is taking their new #LOVEISON campaign on the road with the Revlon LOVE IS ON™ Pop-up Shop, an […] Read more…


  • mossimo skinny jeans

    Finding the Perfect Pair of Jeans

    This post is sponsored by Target. Let’s talk jeans ladies! How many pairs do you own and how many are you actually wearing? After evaluating the current status of my closet, there is a pretty high stack of jeans dating back 10 years that I can’t seem to part with. Ironically, I only wear about […] Read more…

  • real housewives style inspiration

    Real Housewives Style Inspiration

    I’m Sarah from The Kissing Booth Blog and I’m taking over So Chic Life today for a little Fashion Friday specifically to talk style for Real Housewives. You can see my last post here talking about the best spring skirts. I have always been a fan of the Real Housewives shows on Bravo, I’m not sure why but it is […] Read more…


  • how to cook fennel

    Roasted Fennel with Parmesan

    Have you ever tried fennel? It’s a unique white bulb vegetable that has mild licorice flavor. Don’t let that deter you as fennel takes on an entirely different taste when roasted. Usually associated with Italian cuisine and restaurants frequently include in salads, fennel was not something I ever tried preparing at home. That was until […] Read more…

  • weekly meal plan

    Weekly Meal Plan + Announcement

    Hey friends! JoLynne and I made an executive decision to stop hosting our weekly Real Food Recipe Roundup. It’s a bummer but we couldn’t seem to get the linky going like we had hoped. JoLynne is continuing her weekly meal plan which I highly recommend you continue using as a reference. In fact her website has so much information […] Read more…