• chicago-gourmet-farm-to-table

    Chicago Gourmet & Chicago’s Love for Farm to Table

    This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive Q&A sesh with Chef/Partner of Bottlefork and The Duck Inn, Kevin Hickey at Chicago Gourmet. Moderated by Check Please! host Cat De Orio, I was intrigued by Chef Hickey’s passion for farm-to-table and what it means for the Chicago restaurant industry.  As much as I appreciate dining at restaurants that support […] Read more…

  • MyEyeDr Chicago

    Eat & See: MyEyeDr Eye Health Inside & Out Event

    Have you had your eyes checked recently? The more time I spend on the computer and my iPhone, the more dependent I become on my reading glasses. Managing your eye health is just as important as your physical health like exercising and eating well. It’s easy to forget about the small things that are so important. Lucky […] Read more…


  • DIY Coconut Rose Oil Conditioner Tutorial

    Coconut Rose Oil Conditioner Tutorial

    You guys know how much I love essential oils and let’s not forget April’s popular 9 beauty uses for coconut oil. This got pinned 95 times! So when I found a recipe that combines both to create a Coconut Rose Oil Conditioner, I just had to share. I am truly obsessed with coconut oil. In addition […] Read more…

  • Chemical Free Hair Products for Kids SoCozy Hair Care

    Chemical-Free Hair Products for Kids: SoCozy now in CVS

    Thank you SoCozy for sponsoring this post. I love that my oldest daughter is finally at the age where she’s interested in caring for her own hair. After a recent trip to the salon where she begged for a cute bob, it became obvious it was time she learned how to style her hair at home and […] Read more…


  • Making breakfast a little more exciting with oatmeal banana smoothie bowls paired with goodnessknows snack squares!

    Oatmeal Banana Smoothie Bowl

    Have you seen the back to school posts on Facebook this week? Where the heck did summer go?? Not that I’m complaining but we’ve been having ourselves a good ole time hanging at the pool, staying up late, eating more than our fair share of ice cream and just having fun. Now it’s time to start […] Read more…

  • Jicama Fries Recipe 21 Day

    Jicama Fries

    It wasn’t until taking the 21 Day Sugar Detox, I tried jicama or considered jicama fries. Jicama {pronounced hee-cama} is a root vegetable originating from Mexico, part of the legume family and grows on vines. Oddly enough it’s low in calories, high in important nutrients and the carb content is lower than most of the jicama’s counterparts. […] Read more…